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Hi author! I'm super excited to do poly exchange this year and wanted to make things easier when you get my assignment. :D

Dylan Larkin/Zach Werenski/Henrik Zetterberg
HELLO MY TRASH SHIP OF MY HEART. I am super obsessed with these Michigan boys ending up with their long term crush Big Z. This is the ship that has turned most of my general dislikes into "YES PLEASE" which means, please daddy kink and please consensual infidelity. My prompt for these three is that Dylan and Zach are dating when Dylan gets to be Henrik's rookie. They promptly seduce him and shenanigans happen. I am also open to it starting with Dylan and Henrik getting together and they seduce Zach. Honestly, I'm open to mostly everything for this except what is listed in my general dislikes.

Carl Hagelin/Amanda Kessel/Phil Kessel
Whoa I am suddenly into this ship. I would like this to be a triad situation but if incest is not your thing, a poly V is ok with me. My prompt is that Carl encourages Phil to invite Amanda over and finds himself in hot water when both siblings are vying for his attention. This could be set up as a love triangle, a two people seducing situation, a regency AU with the discovery of incest and joining in rather than running away sorta like Crimson Peak.

Mitch Marner/Connor McDavid/Dylan Strome
Oh man. These three. Pretty much one of romantic/queerplatonic feels. I would like a soulmate AU with all of them working it out especially since Mitch and Dylan HATED each other in the beginning. It's about growing up, going into the four directions of the wind, and finding that distance doesn't change true fucking love.

So about these prompts, feel free to mix and match. Soulmate AU and regency AU for all of them? Totally and completely ok! Just flithy porn with little plot? Totally fine.

A/B/O, kid fic, mpreg, kink porn, d/s, someone was always a hockey player and the other(s) aren't AU, college AU, we all are living together because we are broke and whoops we fell in love AU, breaking up and making up, angst with happy endings

open endings, super confusing nonlinear timeline, sad endings, permanent break ups, rape, lady bashing. SO MUCH LADY BASHING IS A NO. Unexplained side character homophobia. If it is sad and confusing, I would suggest NO.

I hope you have fun!!
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Hi, thanks for picking me out. I'm pretty easy to please as long as it's domestic fluff, cuddles, babies, and if there's angst, make sure it is rectified by any of three I mentioned before. I love my ficlets/fics to be shippy but do not fret, I am okay with not super shippy. I'm just going to list out a quick description and hope you have fun!!!

Lyudmila - She's so new, she doesn't have her own tag. I would like Russian homesickness please. AND RIVS BONDING.

Geno - Oh my love, I want him to be at Sid's house, being forced into a North American Christmas with the Crosby's and trying to deal with his feelings as a result. How to get points with me on this one: he's pining for Sid or he's pining for babies or the Cup with Sid. DOUBLE AWESOME POINTS: Sid/Geno future fic with ALL THE THINGS! TRIPLE AWESOME POINTS: Geno/Taylor future fic. 

Jagr- Jarda is the energizer bunny and keeps going and going. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIS AGE IN COMPARISON TO THE BABY PANTHERS. As much as Jarda is angst as hell at times, let's keep it light people. He's happy with hockey being his one true wife and it gave him so many families. Bonus points that he gets Christmas cards/gifts/love from a lot/all of his old teammates. I MEAN ALL OF THEM.

Claude - this asshole has wormed into my heart. You can give him Christmas hell over pining over Danny B and not being invited to the family Christmas. He aggressively makes cookies and fruit cake and snark texts Sid to deal with the pain. ENDING HAPPILY IS A MUST.

Good luck and happy Festivus!!!!


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