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Hi writer!

General about me: I love a happy ending. I can deal with angst and pain as long as there is a happy conclusion to it. Maybe its's the pairing being together or the original part splitting up and going with new people and being happier that way. Basically happy ending! I also have been called a domestic kinkster. Kinky sex and then domestic life at once in fic. 

Hockey tropes I like: enemies to friends to lovers, friends to lovers, domestic, fake marriage, mutual pining, kid fic, found family, hurt and comfort, all the aus, gimme your secret royalty aus, a gallon of angst with a happy ending, after a break up there is friendship

Hockey troupes I hate: WAG bashing, unhappy endings, slur usage outside of consenting sex scenes, unnecessary sexual assault. 

Kinks: fecund (breeding, pregnant sex, lactation), size queen, being fucked and loving it, riding, sex toys, mild d/s undertones, hickeys everywhere, dirty talk, creative sex positions, barebacking, anal sex, unprotected sex, condom use, safe sex, vaginal sex, blow jobs, eating out, overstimulation, sex tears, fully negotiated kinks (before or after the act), working at being better at sex

DO NOT WANT: shady ass consent, rape fantasies, over-feminization (like outside of a sex fantasy)

About the Pairings: So you may have noticed I have a lot of Crosby feelings. Welcome to my life. As a general overview of each one, domestic falling in love fluff is awesome. Kinky domestic life is even more awesome!
  • Sid/Geno: the bread and butter, I really will be very happy with anything here.
  • Sid/Amanda: the oh my god this goober is my mom's most hated player and I hate him too out of solidarity but I guess I can be ok with him because he's playing with Phil kind of pairing. If we can have romantic wooing, it is a good day. Reluctant feelings for Amanda and Sid has been heart eyes since day one.
  • Taylor/Geno: It's dating your bff's little sister with a twist! Taylor has been having a school girl crush on Geno since forever but now she's grown and Geno is interested and they manage to pair each other nicely in an awesome way. Geno has to get to the in love point slower than Taylor. He's still getting used to the fact that she is a grown woman but he also has to accept the fact that she's aware of what she wants despite being 19 years old.
  • Sid/Amanda/Hilary: is a one time thing? Is it inviting Sid to their beds? You decide!!!!
  • Nate/Taylor/Jo: Nate and Taylor or Nate and Jo are dating and invite third partner to be a triad. Have extra sad Jo feels that can be fixed with blanket forts and tender spitroasting.
Other Pairings:
  • Mario/Jagr: do not bash Nathalie, please acknowledge that they've been fighting over over a decade and repairing that relationship is going to be hard.
  • Nicky/Ovi: Ovi is a smart asshole. He isn't the manic pixie hockey player of your dreams. Seriously, you can have the Russian Knitting Circle but just don't make Ovi into that one guy. Last I heard he was trying to defend a Russian doctorate. Take the fact that he has a PhD and RUN WITH IT, SERIOUSLY DO ALL THE SECRET GENIUS TROPES BUT FOR REAL.
  • Jamie/Tyler: dumb bros in love are things I love
  • Jack/Connor: keep these two assholes snarky. Well Jack snarks, Connor is quietly snarking back, and somehow they fall in love.
  • Dylan/Mitch: enemies to friends to lovers. 
If anyone wants to know things that I love to read to get a good idea of what I like, Thou and You is downloaded onto my tablet for a reason. And Never Been Kissed holds a special place in my heart. Royalty AUs and secret identities also do my heart wonders. Plus KIDS. PLEASE REMEMBER THE CHILDREN!

I hope you have a great time writing! Also, while I did not bookmark any hockey fics, my bookmarks tend to give more ideas on what I like if for some reason I have not been clear enough. HAVE FUN!

EDIT: If you write me secret marriage, you will win all my love and affection. 


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